Honda Clarity Fuel Cell what the manufacturer presented

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This year, at the 2019 poznań motor show, Honda introduced the new generation CR-V, as well as the NSX sports model. However, the curiosity of the stand was the hydrogen Honda Clarity Fuel Cell.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, like the NSX, has already been a guest at many international car shows, but in Poland we saw this model for the first time. The hydrogen fuel cell car is a reflection of the most modern technical solutions.

In Europe, Honda Clarity Fuel Cell participates in the HyFive project, which aims to promote hydrogen drives and support the development of infrastructure that allows hydrogen refueling. The range of this model is more than 580 km. Honda CR-V-Poznan motor show 2019

At the automobile exhibition in Poznan, Honda presented the new CR-V model. for the first time, this SUV will be available in Europe with hybrid drive.
Honda CR-V in European specification appeared only a month ago at the Geneva motor show, and now we can see it in Poznan, where it debuted at the 2019 Poznan motor show. The new generation of the popular SUV is more spacious, finished with better quality materials and equipped with modern systems.

The new Honda CR-V looks very similar to the current generation of the model, which makes it look like a model after a thorough facelift. It has an updated silhouette with wider, more muscular wheel arches and expressive folds of the hood and back of the body.