Honda recently confirmed the name for a new electric model

08-ноя, 19;28 admin 11 290
At this year's Geneva motor show, Honda announced an acceleration of its "Electric Vision" strategy. According to him, by 2025, the full range of models of this brand sold in Europe will be equipped with electrified power units.

The Honda e, introduced in Geneva as a prototype ready for mass production, is the first Honda model to use the platform created for electric models. The city car will be equipped with an advanced electric transmission that transmits power to the rear wheels.

The Honda E is a fully electric city car. It will be driven by an electric motor mounted on the back of the car and driving the wheels of the rear axle. This fact, as well as the perfect distribution of weight – in half between both axles, along with a low center of gravity, make the Honda E very agile cars about excellent driving properties.
The drive power should reach 150 horsepower, which seems too much for a city car. With an estimate, however, wait until you hear the torque value. This will reach up to 300 newtonometers available from the start.

At the moment, there is no data on the performance of Honda E. journalists present at the first rides of the prototype, however, talk about the eight seconds needed for a sprint from 0 to 100 km / h. And it should be a city car? This is a real go-kart, especially with the "sport" mode running, which helps you make the most of the drive capabilities.