Honda Civic Type R "Project P" thoroughbred hot hatch

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The latest Honda Civic Type R is equipped with a 2-liter VTEC Turbo turbocharged engine. The new Civic Type R has a power output of 320 HP, achieved at 5600 rpm and a maximum torque of 400 Nm, developing in the range of 2500-4000 rpm.

The maximum speed of the car is 272 km / h, while acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes it only 5.7 s. In April 2017, the mass-produced car set a lap record for front-wheel drive cars on the "North loop" of the nürburgring track, reaching a time of 7 min. 43.8 S.

The car is sold like hot buns, and you see quite a lot of the latest-generation Type R on the streets. Therefore, some owners resort to radical ways to be noticed on the road. Just look at the Honda Civic Type R in the "Project P" version, which is a pickup truck!

In fact, Project P is the work of the British division of Honda Product Engineering, that is, it was created more as a curiosity and a demonstration of the skill of engineers who, to pass the time, "boasted" of creating such an absurd car. However, we must admit that there is something in it!
The Honda Civic Type R Project P was built on a pre-production copy of the Type R-a, so, of course, no production Type R was affected during the experiment. The car had been stripped of half the roof and racks.

If the front part, up to and including the front door, is not changed, then everything is different behind the b pillars. In place of the rear seats and trunk, a cargo space was formed, finished with a corrugated rack.   Honda e with cameras instead of mirrors