Honda CR-V Hybrid with a new offer

30-дек, 17;03 admin 1387
Honda CR-V Hybrid goes on sale. We have already found out the price list of the hybrid SUV, and so far it is cheaper than the competing Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Honda has been producing hybrids for 20 years, but it has never had such an unusual solution as the CR-V Hybrid used in the model. The Honda HR-V Hybrid is not a classic hybrid as we know it.

Most of the time it is used to generate current for the electric motor. Sometimes both devices work together, and sometimes the electric motor itself works. It would seem difficult, and all this happens smoothly, without the participation of the driver.

In most cases, including when driving in the city, the car drives a 184-horsepower electric motor. The range is about two kilometers. When there is no electricity or you need to accelerate a little more, almost imperceptibly turns on a 2-liter "petrol" with a capacity of 145 HP.
But not in the same way as the competition, because in Honda, its main task is to produce electricity, and not direct control of the wheels. Connected to a generator, it powers an electrical unit, making the Honda CR – V – in its simplest form-a fuel-powered electric car.

At speeds from 80 to 120 km / h, the drive switches to "engine drive" mode, and the first fiddle begins to play the diesel unit, which then reaches the optimum of its power capabilities. The system rotates it - again very smoothly and imperceptibly – with the help of a wheel grip, and it is it that drives the car.