Honda begins collecting orders for the updated NSX

09-фев, 17;03 admin 1438
The car has a modified design, new orange paint and, above all, a revised transmission and chassis.

Honda has made a number of changes to the NSX for 2019. They are designed to make this Japanese hybrid supercar Sport Hybrid easier to operate on a daily basis, while at the same time driving it on the race track is expected to become more exciting.

The current Honda NSX went to the Estoril circuit in July 2016, where it proved to be a very versatile car. The 507 HP V6 and three additional electric motors give a total of 581 HP and 646 Nm of maximum torque.

In Quiet mode, auto overcomes up to 3 HP on the electric motor and makes the NSX-a auto as docile as a lamb. Each subsequent driving mode - from Sport to Sport + to Track-makes driving a Honda an increasingly serious challenge. The car goes as if glued to the asphalt. So something needs to change here? It turns out that so.
The greatest attention was paid to increasing the dynamics of the car while maintaining its everyday functionality. Honda equipped the 2019 model year NSX with large front and rear stabilizers, which contributed to a 26 percent increase in front suspension stiffness and a 19 percent increase in rear suspension. Honda HR - V after the facelift