Honda has updated its small crossover SUV HR-V

09-мар, 17;03 admin 1369
Honda HR-V after the change at first glance does not differ much from the previous model. Adding elegance to the body style covered the front of the car, which received a new glossy chrome panel. It replaced an earlier combination of black and chrome over the air intake.

The front bumper now has deeper air intakes that feature round fog lights, and the headlights have received standard lenses with redesigned led daytime running lights.

The dark chrome decorative element of the trunk door hints at a new front trim, and the tail lights now have darker fixtures.
Richer versions of the equipment received new 17-inch wheels made of light alloy, and the exhaust system was finished with a chrome cover. The front lights and rear combined lamps are made entirely in led technology.

In the redesigned front driver and passenger seats, changes were made to the seat cushion and back, providing better support, especially in the shoulder area. The standard upholstery is made of a higher quality fabric.