Problems with Honda engines

13-апр, 17;03 admin 1455
Problems with the distribution of the engine affected many car owners.

The engine's emergency systems, as well as its faulty drives in many Honda models, can cause headaches and lead to high costs, which in older models can go up to half the cost of the car. Therefore, when buying a used car, it is worth checking whether its engine is at risk and in what condition is the camshaft in a particular instance. There is also the question of when to replace the distribution. Of course, you should not delay replacing the gas distribution, and for some engines it is better to do it much earlier than the manufacturer recommends.

This is one of the most accurate systems, which affects, in particular, the performance of the car and fuel consumption. It controls the filling of the combustion chambers, flushing and exhaust gases. Unfortunately, in the worst-case scenario, a faulty gas distribution can cause such damage to the engine, making repairs unprofitable.
 In the past, only chains were usually used to drive the timing belt; in most engines, this was such a strong element that it did not need to be replaced or cost anything during the entire operation of the car. Later came the era of toothed belts, quieter, lighter and more durable. And, importantly, cheaper to produce. But they also have disadvantages; they are not resistant to oils, solvents, or overheating.