Honda CR-V 1.5 AWD-inspiring choice

15-июн, 17;03 admin 1378
The Honda CR-V is a model that you will quickly fall in love with. It is spacious, has a fresh look, the built-in technology is new, and the 1.5-liter and 182-horsepower engine is balanced.

The newly relaunched new CR-V has a modern modern look, but now it's taking a step forward and to customers who demand elegance from an SUV. Liquid lines, not very aggressive, on the outside, but also leather upholstery and wooden inserts inside. It's tall, with a 21-inch ground guard, and has a classic SUV shape with no sloping ceiling/

At 4,600 mm long, 2,117 mm wide and about 1,700 mm high, the Honda CR-V offers a wheelbase of 2,662 mm. This means that it can accommodate up to 7 people on the third row of folding chairs. Otherwise, the interior space is enough for 5 people, and the trunk has 560 liters and is huge. Under the roof of the trunk, we also find a temporary spare wheel.
The rear passengers have at their disposal, in addition to the air vents, two USB connectors, but can also have individually heated seats.

The headlights and taillights are led, there is a high-beam assistant, but in higher equipment, led projectors or a curved lighting system can also be selected.