In Geneva, Honda will show the Urban EV Concept

09-июн, 17;03 admin 1397
Almost a year ago, we wrote that the Honda Urban EV Concept, shown at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show, will be available in a production version in 2019. So far, at the Geneva motor show, we will see another concept version of the electric Honda.

Recall that the Honda Urban EV met with a very positive reception. It has a simple look, with a square body styled in a retro style-the front part is a bit like a Volkswagen Golf I. the car is the size of a typical city car-it is 10 cm shorter than the Honda Jazz.

The Honda Urban EV will be the first mass-produced Honda electric vehicle in Europe that runs exclusively on batteries. Honda's Vice President already announced a year ago that the production version will arrive to European customers at the end of 2019.

The car has space for four passengers, who travel in comfortable seats, decorated with a combination of many materials. The front-row seats are upholstered in natural grey fabric and feature modern wooden accents.
The dashboard is filled with a wide screen that covers the cabin and extends to the door. The display in the dashboard shows a number of information about the car's condition, while the door screens, which are an extension of it, function as rearview mirrors that emit images from cameras.