Honda Accord: a new generation is coming

08-окт, 19;28 admin 1400
The Japanese manufacturer told the world that July 14 is the release date of the tenth generation Honda Accord. The popular sedan will make its debut in Detroit, and the premiere will be broadcast live.

On the occasion of the announcement of the release date, Honda released the first image of the concept Accord Online. As you might have guessed, the car's appearance draws strong inspiration from the current model release of the Civic.

Honda promises that the next generation of the Accord model will bring a lot of driving pleasure. By the way, it should look feisty, and there will be luxury materials in the cabin. Some time ago, the Japanese manufacturer provided some information about the power units that will appear under the hood.

The V6 engines that were still offered in the US market will disappear. Instead, there will be four-cylinder turbocharged units and a completely new hybrid system. Smaller units will not deviate in terms of power from the six-cylinder design. It is expected from 278 to 306 km.
The new engines will be combined with a six-speed manual transmission or a brand-new 10-speed automatic. The CVT box will also appear in the option.

The manufacturer announces that the tenth incarnation of the Accord is a completely new model built from scratch. We won't know more about it until a few weeks later. Perhaps then we will learn more about a possible launch on the Old Continent.