New generation Honda Accord

22-мар, 19;28 admin 1478
The next-generation Honda Accord was officially unveiled. We already know the details about the Japanese sedan.

The Honda Accord is a big absence from the European market, where SUVs and still-well-selling CDs reign Supreme. However, it is possible that the new generation of Accord will return to the Old Continent. So let's look at it a little closer.

You can write a lot about appearance, although everyone says so. The new Accord looks modern and elegant. There is no shortage of angular bends and sharp lines, which is consistent with Honda's current policy. The smooth, elegant side line attracts attention. The car, despite being a sedan, looks like a pretty neat liftback.
While the body design can evoke extreme feelings, the interior is calm and elegant. The dashboard design is pleasing to the eye, everything seems to be in place and set up with taste. It's a bit like the cockpit of a Mazda 6. The manufacturer also promises high quality materials.

The number of buttons has not been reduced to a minimum, because there are at least a dozen of them, but this can be attributed to a plus. Eliminating buttons in favor of touch screens may look modern, but it's sometimes troublesome to work when you need to accurately hit an area of the smooth touch screen panel while driving. In Accord, the infotainment system's display is 8 inches diagonal and positioned high in the center.