Wanna buy a Honda, but still unsure?

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Honda's reputation in manufacturing durable cars is international, and there are both sporty and fuel-efficient models in its range of offers. Just like many other car manufacturers, also Honda started out in the arena of F1. Today it is manufacturing cars for everyday use, and they are considered to be TOP affordable reliable cars in the world. The high standards of the company's quality are confirmed by the prestigious Car and Driver Top Manufacturer Awards already received for about 80 times. Honda has also received such prizes as the Best Buy Award, Top Safety Pick, Best overall Non-luxury Brand and Greenest Automaker.

If you have decided to buy a Honda but you are still unsure, in cooperation with classifieds portal dalder.lv we will look at why this brand is an amazing choice. We will also offer a roadmap for a successful purchase of a used Honda. Buying a car is definitely a serious matter, and we aim at helping our readers to be able to make an informed decision and thus have the best buying experience.

Versatile models and reliability

Honda has many versatile models in its offer: sedans, vans, trucks, etc. Besides, Honda also offers luxury class cars for affordable prices. It differentiates this brand from many other car manufacturers that only concentrate their attention on manufacturing only one type of vehicles in a specific niche.

In addition to that, Honda is also proud of its ability to design cars suited for the needs of the most different kinds of drivers. Honda Fit 2018 can be mentioned as one of the examples. It is a small car that is suited for driving in a city but at the same time there is enough trunk space even to fit a bicycle. Therefore, it is a great car also for travelling longer distances to spend time in nature. Hondas are also available in many colour varieties, which means that each one can choose a shade that most suits his or her personality.

Also the reliability indicators of Honda cars are high, which is of utmost importance when choosing a car. It is also confirmed by the many awards received in this category. According to consumers' feedback, this brand has been recognized as the most reliable. Honda ensures a smooth drive from point A to B; therefore, there is no need to worry that it may break down in the middle of the road.

Besides, one of Honda's motos is “safety to everyone”, and that is kept in mind when manufacturing each and every of Honda's models. The cars are equipped with different kinds of safety systems, for example, safety sensing suite, lane keeping assistant system, collision mitigation braking system, etc.

New Honda vs. used Honda

When planning to buy a Honda, it is worth analysing both advantages and disadvantages of both new and used Honda. It should be taken into account that a car of any brand may turn out to cost even as much as a new car straight from the dealer in some of the most unsuccessful cases. It may happen so due to overestimating the technical condition of the used vehicle. When buying a used Honda, service costs must be paid out of one's own pocket, and if the car has not received proper maintenance, unfortunately, paying a visit to a mechanic may become part of the daily routine. Therefore, making sure of the technical condition of the car is the most important part when buying a used Honda.

It should also be taken into account that according to statistical data, the odometer readings are changed in about 80% of cases in Latvia while elsewhere in Europe this indication fluctuates between 5-12%. Therefore, one can never be fully sure of the true condition of the used vehicle, even when obtaining information from RTSD. As a result, the car may actually be much more worn out than the seller is claiming.

The main reason as to why buyers decide in favour of a used Honda instead of a new one is the low price. Besides, the amount needed for buying a used car is easier to receive from a bank. But a new car, in turn, is usually purchased from car leasing. Then there comes also the additional mandatory payment of KASKO insurance. But all new Hondas are given the factory warranty; therefore, the owner does not have to worry about any unexpected expenses. In case of a new Honda, there is also certain clarity about the history of the car and mileage, and the warranty confirms that the car is in perfect technical condition.

To find a used Honda in perfect technical condition, however, may turn out to be a real challenge. Buying a used car cannot be imagined without car diagnostics, which is the only unbiased checkup in order to make sure of the true condition of the vehicle. It means that in the case of a used Honda it is necessary to invest additional energy and time to make sure of the car's history and work like a real detective. One has to find out whether it has been involved previously in serious crashes, been under water during floods or seriously damaged in some other ways.

ABC to buy a used Honda

When choosing a used Honda, first it is important to make sure of the identity of the trader. Especially when ordering a car from abroad one has to check whether the chosen trader has a licence. But also when buying a car in Latvia from private sellers, unfortunately, it may turn out that the seller is not very conscientious and offers damaged cars. Those are the cases when a car breaks down after making the first turn.

The portal dalder.lv comes in very helpful in order to make sure of the identity of a seller. It is the only classifieds portal in Latvia in which each seller has his/her own individual profile or the so called mini website. Reviews from other buyers can be found there as well as links to social networks are added which allows to learn more about the seller and his/her reliability and identity.

Second, it is worth diving into a little research by looking up information about the car on the RTSD database. The number of the car can say a lot about its history and reveal the technical inspection data and mileage. If the buyer knows the VIN number, it is possible to find information about all the details of the specific Honda model. Thus it is possible to make sure whether pictures on the classified include any details that are not corresponding to the factory set. It may show that the car has been rebuilt and has previously been involved in a serious accident.

Third, also the buyer himself/herself should perform a visual inspection during which he/she makes sure whether any traces of repainting can be found and if there are any bumps. It may indicate that the seller has tried to hide serious damages, which indicate that the car is actually much more worn out. The hood should also be lifted and the engine checked. If the engine is shining like new, it may mean that the seller has tried polishing it in order to hide some significant defects. It is necessary to check whether there are any traces of mud or sand which may indicate that the car has been under water. Also the smell of mould may indicate the same. It is also important to check whether all the lamps are working, the radio and functions for lowering windows and seats, etc.

Fourth, the test drive cannot be omitted. During the test drive, one should pay attention to whether the car is driving smoothly and does not vibrate. The brakes should be easy to press and they should not be squeaking. One should pay attention to how the clutch is working as well. There are cases when the car is missing one speed, which means that switching gears may not be so comfortable. The gear should not be neither too light nor too firm, but changing the gears should be smooth and it should not require too much effort.

Finally, if all the previous steps have been taken and the checkup has been successful, then a visit to a service mechanic can be booked. Even though car diagnostics require additional investment, in the long run it can save even a few thousands of euros if it turns out later on that the car actually has serious technical damage. The diagnostics is a guarantee that allows to make sure of the true condition of the car and helps to predict how long the car will keep on running and how much the potential service may cost in the future to fix the existing problems.

How reliable is a used Honda?

As the research of J. D. Power and reviews of buyers indicate Honda is recognized to be a very reliable car brand. Also the previously received awards in this category confirm that. Therefore, among used cars Honda is definitely one of the best choices in the market. Even if a used Honda has done over 160000 km, it still has got a lot of life in it.

But it should not be forgotten that each used Honda should be assessed individually - everything depends on how well the previous owner has taken care of the maintenance and how the car has been used every day. Even though Hondas rank as very reliable cars, every used Honda should definitely still be taken for car diagnostics. That is the only way to make sure of its reliability in the future and true condition.

If a buyer is looking for a used Honda, it is worth turning to dalder.lv filters for some help. After opening the section of used Honda cars and choosing a specific model, selection criteria must be entered and the template saved. This way it is possible to receive an email within 24 hours about every new classified that has been uploaded and corresponds to the desired criteria. Thus looking for the dream car is much easier than it ever has been. We recommend you try it for yourself! : )